Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coach? Check. Motivation? Check. Let the Ironman Training Begin!

Ok, Ok, so I have not been great about keeping up with this blog.  Ok fine, I suck at it.  But you'll be happy (and possibly slightly worried) to know that I honestly haven't done jack since my last last-minute race, the Safari Park Half Marathon, on May 6th.  I got a free bib 3 days before so I recruited my awesome friend George and we pulled it out of our butts and got it done.

I also found a coach for my Ironman training!!  I'm so excited!  We met up at a coffee shop and if it weren't for a job interview I would have sat all morning talking to him!  He's super nice, actually cares about non-podium finishers, is very affordable, offers free group runs and group rides if you live in the North County area, and he just fits with what I am looking for.  YAY!!!!  Tripower Multisport Coaching

So yeah, quick update, getting back into the game after a crazy shit-hitting-the-fan spring and summer.  Can't wait to get the 18-month train moving.

Stay tuned for more reliable and fun updates on the journey to Ironman New Zealand 2014.