Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One and Done: Things I've Learned/Remembered About Endurance Training in the First Month

Well, the first month is done.  Amazing how fast a month goes when you are training and working and working and training.  It's like a day, maybe.

This will be short, but the things I have learned and/or remembered about endurance training are as follows:

1.  Always pre-map your routes, especially when you move to an unknown area, so you don't bike/run twice the distance.

2. Buy more food/Bring more food

3. Alarm clocks suck anytime before 9am.  This is 7 days a week when training

4. You chance of hitting/being attacked by wildlife greatly increases the earlier in the day or later in the evening you train

5. Always carry TP

6.  Buy more food/Bring more food

7. You will be tired/hungry/awake/crazy from now until after the race is over.  Then you will be even more tired/hungry/awake/crazy.

8. Race registrations cost a lot.

9. Handlebar tape will come undone when you are farthest from your car and/or a bike shop

10. Circle swimming=Thumbs down

11. Buy more food/Bring more food

12. People will wonder why you seem so awake and you will wonder how you are faking it so well

13.  Find good running tunes and change them up often....Van Halen's "Why Can't This Be Love" is an awesome one....for now.

14. Sunscreen.

15. Buy more food/Bring more food.

Happy Training!!!

T-minus 17 months!!!!!!!!

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