Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You can reverse CANCER by cutting out animal products???

Well this is something I never thought I'd write...I'm actually considering going vegetarian.  Or mostly vegetarian.  Or whatever it is you call people that eat a plant-based whole food diet most of the time.

I just finished watching the documentary "Forks Over Knives" as part of my on-going self-education about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and making sure I really do consider that I AM WHAT I EAT.

What a powerful film!!  I mean, I know that what you eat has a large impact on your health, but seeing it again and again, this time in a very well-put and OBVIOUS manner is truly thought provoking.  Reversing things such as heart disease and diabetes is something we all have probably heard about, but reversing breast cancer??!  Being able to turn on and off cancer cell production just by tweaking the amount of casein that is inputed into a diet?  That, to me, is actually pretty incredible and may be the first time I have heard of those "scary" diseases being able to be treated almost exclusively by diet.  

This is something that the world has known for thousands of years, but the western medicine giant has overclouded it in our day-to-day lives with prescriptions for just about everything so that half of us can't even tell what's wrong anymore, let alone are able to decipher what our bodies are telling us. 
The answer is NOT more pills!!  EAT BETTER, LIVE BETTER!!!!


  1. I agree. Meat is too good and when you've already spent nearly 30 years of eating it, it'd take 30 more years of not eating meat to reverse it. Might as well eat it.

  2. If this were fb, I'd totally "like" this. :-)