Friday, December 9, 2011

Las Vegas Rock N' Roll Half Marathon (Or as I like to call it, my first and last of this series)

ROCK N' ROLL!!!!!! Or not....I guess the long and the short of it is that it was a fun weekend with some girlfriends, it was fun to run the strip at night with no vehicular traffic, but that it felt like it was put on by people who have NEVER put on a race before was a little much for me.  Especially when you consider the price tag on these suckers!!!

Ok, so complaints included, first and foremost, the number of people running and the fact that this course CANNOT deal with that many people, unless you like to run, walk, run, walk, jog, jog a little faster, slow down, stop, jog, run, all while dodging people left and right.  I started in the CORRECT corral and I was passing people, by the hundreds and I'm not even exaggerating....and for those who know me, I'm not FAST....I can do it, but I'm NOT quick!  44,000 people....enough said

Second, third, fourth, and so forth: Rumors of water stop water being from a hydrant????!!!!  One of the biggest names in road races and you couldn't find a water sponsor???  Or even just take it out of the tap???  It's definitely not great but it's better than the hydrant!  Also rumor that the marathoners didn't even get water until they walked out and around to the half-marathoners finish section?

Running out of medals???  YOU capped the race!!!  YOU knew BEFOREHAND how many medals you would need!  And you've put on races before!!!  THIS SHOULD NOT BE HARD!!!!  It also shouldn't be hard to keep people from taking extra medals!  What kind of person takes more than one for crying out loud!!!???

Optional photos that you forced the rest of us to wait in line for while everyone got theirs individually taken immediately after finishing.  I'm pretty sure that everyone saw the size of that parking lot and it could have been ANYWHERE else....Some of us would've liked to have the option to bypass that and NOT wait so we could get food first, see family, leave, find booze, etc....

BIGGEST PEEVE: The bands weren't even playing when I ran by!!!!  All 5 times or whatever it was!!!!  I thought my expensive ticket paid for these great bands.  All I did was see them drink and talk about how they're glad they weren't running....Next time just have someone's iPod playlist going....Would've been better.

Overall, I give this race a big, fat -2 and these thoughts:

But at least it was Vegas and there was copious amounts of booze afterwards at a fantastic dueling piano bar..... C'est la vie.

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