Monday, September 3, 2012

And so it begins....

Workout #1: Worst run I've had probably since January when I did the Carlsbad half marathon two days after having food poisoning.

I guess the plus side is that my Ironman is 18 months away.  The other plus is that my view was along the cliffs of southern California overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Other than that, I felt like I was taking 2 miles of steps forwards while really actually not going anywhere training wise.  There are SO many people out on weekend mornings here in SoCal so there is no end of inspiration and "get your fat ass off the couch-ness."  Will most likely be needed during those days and weeks that I know are coming that will be just like today.  The days where workouts are terrible and the road seems too long and you start to question whether or not it's worth it.  Obviously it is, it's just a matter of finding that thought or feeling or thing that can get you back to your focus and make you keep on trucking.

Again, I know it's the VERY beginning, but it just stinks to start out with a workout that just BLOWS. Just reminds me how very far I have to go before crossing that finish line in New Zealand.

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