Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Do You Kill a Hard Earned Downhill? Let Me Count the Ways....

So about a week ago, George and I did a 25 mile Camp Pendleton loop in the middle of the day in 95+ degree weather.  Not so smart.  I am not a creature of the heat and I ran out of water about 8 miles from the car.  It also took us a ridiculous 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.  Yes, that is a whopping 10mph.  I could feel my brain expanded as far as it could against my skull and was just waiting for it to self-combust.  Like this:

So Tuesday I got my ass out of bed at 445am and drove to Oceanside and was on my bike by 6am...5:55 if you will.  It was dark and I really couldn't see what was in front of me the first 3 miles or so until dawn so the fact that I was not, in fact, thrown from my bike into the abyss that is the sideline of the San Luis Rey River Trail, eaten by a pack of coyotes, sprayed by a skunk, or attacked by a hungry homeless person who sleeps out there (I wouldn't blame them since my new fav bike food, the Honey Stinger Waffles, are delicious, although I would put up a fight), I consider the first 3-5 miles a huge success.

Now I got off of the San Luis Rey Trail (Let's just call it SLRT from now on) about 6 miles in onto College Ave and then take a right on to Vandegrift that is the main road that loops through Camp Pendleton.  This being morning rush hour for those sexy men in uniform, there was a TON of traffic and I took my turn going up to the gate and showing my ID (no warrants out for my arrest yet!!).  Continued on that course in the cool, misty, overcast morning and was stoked to do that same 25 mile loop in an hour and 40 minutes!!!!  WAHOO!!!  That's like 15 mph so literally 150% faster than last time.  I told you my body doesn't like heat.

My gripe:  There are two decent uphills on this loop, which are, as to be expected, followed by some decent downhills made all the better because you EARNED them.  HOWEVER, nothing kills a hard earned downhill better than a red light either half way down or right at the bottom (especially when the bottom then dips right back up a hill that you were hoping to have some go-juice on)
OR a pedestrian in a freaking crosswalk.  Coming up to the road with that smug look on their face like "HAHA you have stop for me."  Fuckers. I'll go through you!!!
What I wish the signs said at every crossing at the bottom of a nice downhill...with bikes in place of the cars

I finished the loop and did an extra 5 miles out again onto the SLRT and then back to get my 35 miles in prescribed by my coach.  It is an awesome feeling to have done a rockin' workout and look at your watch and it only be 830am.  

Mixed up my protein shake and drank that as I drove to my friend's house to shower before work.  I now know why people always carry those travel mugs with a beverage in them while driving.  There is something amazingly calming about holding a travel mug with a beverage in your hand while driving that calms you down and makes your little world seem right, to the point where you don't even care about traffic or red lights or idiot drivers.  Or maybe that's just the endorphins...

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