Monday, September 10, 2012

First week comes to a close....

Well, week one is done and not without a little soreness.  I decided 5 weeks ago that it would be a good idea to sign up for the Heart Break Ridge 13.1 on Camp Pendleton despite the fact that there were no finishers medals and I hadn't really been running.  At all.  The most I wound up running at any one point in time was about 4.5 miles.  Yep.  Awesome training plan right?

Anyways, race day arrives and its about 90 degrees, really humid, and there is no breeze OR shade on this course whatsoever.  The hill itself, one of the more family friendly named ridges on Camp P., wasn't really that bad.  Yeah, it was steep, but it wasn't that long and the rest of the course was fairly flat...just hot.  They had water stops at just about every mile or two which was perfect.  I doused myself every time just to stay cool.  This New England girl cannot heat regulate very well!

Now, to get to the good part of this race....Marines:)  Ok, Ok, most of them are probably married but they were all running the opposite direction on their way back while I was on my way out and they were shirtless and glistening.  I guess that beats a finishers medal even though I don't get to take them home with me.

No IT band issues during the race, surprisingly since I didn't train much at all, but just sore the last two days since.  Luckily working at a running store allows me to foam roll during my downtime:)

Other than that I got a few short runs in before the race, my first swim back which felt amazing seeing as swimming is my strength and just feels good, and even a recovery ride yesterday morning after the race of 20 miles with George.

It definitely feels awesome to be back on a workout schedule and working towards a huge bucket list check!

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